Monday, March 14, 2016

Fearless Females: Newsmaker

Newspapers are one of the most valuable tools for adding details to our ancestors' stories.  Some lived quiet lives and rarely appear in the news. Scandals may be widely reported, as well as every day events that appear in the social notes.  Business advertisements can also contribute to our base of knowledge.

One of the most unusual news reports I have found is what I believe to be the only public office sought by my mother. In 1954 my parents, Betty and Joe Szymanowicz, had returned from Kentucky where my father did his Korean War service at Fort Breckenridge.  They bought a home in Seneca Falls, New York. They were both interested in politics, but my father was the one who ran for several offices during my childhood. They must have jumped into the political scene, because my mother was put on the slate as Coroner.

Geneva Daily TImes, 18 August 1954, page 3

The Democrats did not fare well in the elections and she lost by a wide margin.

3 November 1954, Unnamed newspaper at

She told me that Mr. Fulver was a butcher, by trade.

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